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More Bad Renter Warning Signs

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They can't provide you the information you need.

For some reason you won't be able to talk to their previous landlord, or their boss. They will have a million excuses - just started a new job, lived with family, no phone, you name it.

The renter's car is dirty, cluttered and in disrepair.

This one is a little unfair, as some renters may struggle to have the money to maintain a car well, but, as a general rule, people that don't maintain their own vehicle well will not maintain your property well either. Keeping a car clean inside and outside is not expensive, so it is a good indication of their general cleanliness. This cleanliness will also be demonstrated in your property if you select them as a renter.

The story changes.

As you ask questions (see Questions to Ask) their story will change. They will say they didn't understand when you asked before, or they misspoke, or you did not hear them correctly. Be VERY wary when something in their story changes.

One person does all the talking.

If you are trying to dupe a prospective landlord, you don't want other people in your family messing up your story, so the other people who will be living in your house will be kept away from you. They won't meet you at all, or they will keep their distance and stay quiet.

After they are in your house is when a rental scammer REALLY shines!

These scammers specialize in staying in your property long after they stopped paying. They have all kinds of tricks. The longer they can stay after they stopped paying, the more successful their scam is. Some of their best tricks include: Sob stories about some short-term financial difficulty (health or car problem), they will have all of the money in just a few weeks, a new job about to start, or withholding rent until some imagined maintenance issue is rectified. They will have partial payments (Don't take them if you are starting eviction!) They will keep delaying you from evicting them.

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