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Are you a part-time hobby landlord? Learn Property Management like a pro!

My wife and I have been acquiring and renting properties for two decades. We have seen it ALL! "Hobby Landlord" is something of an insult. It implies you are something less than professional. You can be a part-time property investor and still run your operation like a professional.

My wife and I have learned a LOT of lessons - many the hard way! We want to make our experience available to you. You can make money renting property as a side job, but you MUST manage your property like a pro! Many prospective renters search out "hobby landlords" because they find them to be easier marks to scam than a professional property manager. You need to avoid these people like the plague! I'll help you!

First you must ACQUIRE THE RIGHT PROPERTY at the right price. You need to know the BAD RENTER WARNING SIGNS to look for when you are renting your property. You need to know the QUESTIONS TO ASK RENTERS in order to expose serial scammers. Please keep reading to see these warning signs and prepare yourself for choosing a renter. I also include some RENTAL MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS to make you a better landlord.

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