Buying A Puppy?


Don't get ripped off!

I know their dirty tricks!



I hope you learned a little something about the dog breeding industry. There are some great people in the dog breeding industry and there are some real crooks. You must watch for the signs and ask the questions to determine which are which.

Once you know you can trust the breeder, you must look to the parents of the puppy to see what the puppy will become. Look to the puppy for health, energy and personality, but look to the parents for what your puppy will become.

Never buy a puppy if you don't get to see the breeder, his kennels, or (at least one) of the parents of the puppy. This eliminates buying from a pet store on all three counts.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to limit themselves in their search for a high quality puppy. You should consider several breeds, each from several different breeders. You should look over a large geographical area and allow several months for finding the right puppy.

Good luck in the purchase of your puppy!

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