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Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Dogs

Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Dogs

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Buying a puppy can be a very emotional decision. At least that's what many breeders want it to be. If you learn only one thing from this site, it is this:

All puppies are cute!

What does that mean to you? Ugly dogs were cute as puppies. Ill-bred dogs were cute as puppies. Unhealthy dogs were cute as puppies. If you buy a puppy based on how cute, or cuddly, or playful it is, you stand a good chance of ending up with a puppy that grows into a dog you are very unhappy with. Or worse, it could grow into a dog with health problems that cost you a small fortune and tremendous heartache.

I have spent my entire life as a dog owner and the last twenty-five years, my wife and I have been hobby breeders of Maltese. I have bought dozens of puppies. Some of what I know I learned the hard way. Some I have learned from the hundreds of breeders, vets, and puppy buyers I have dealt with over the years. I hope that my experience can save you from most of the pitfalls so common in the business of breeding and selling puppies.

The focus of this site is on the buying of a good quality pet. The purchase of a "show quality" dog is far beyond the scope of what I cover here. To learn more about showing your pup, search on "Dog Show"and your local city in the google search above.

This site will teach you how to judge a puppy on traits other than cuteness or cuddlyness. The first section discusses some signs to watch for in dealing with a breeder. If you notice any of these warning signs, find another breeder, or at least be very alert. The second section of this site provides you with some ammunition to trap the breeder is he is up to no good. In the last section, I make some recommendations that will help you be more prepared in the entire puppy buying process. 

This main concept that this report will teach you is this: The only thing that you can learn from an 8-12 week old puppy is how healthy it currently is (and your vet is far better equipped to determine that than you are.) To learn anything about what a puppy will be like when it grows up (this will take less than a year), you must judge from the parents. If you wouldn't want to own either one of the parents of this puppy, don't buy the puppy. Most of this site concerns precautions that you can take to be more certain that the breeder is being perfectly honest about the lineage of this puppy.

There are MANY wonderful people in the dog breeding industry. They love their dogs. They do all than can to strengthen their breed by breeding better and better dogs each generation. But, as in all businesses, there are people who are in it just for the money, people who cut corners, break the rules and try to make a fast buck. They are unconcerned with whether you get a healthy dog that is close to the breed standards. They just want your money! You need to know how to spot them, and to avoid them. There are plenty of reputable breeders out there for every breed. With a little planning and effort, your puppy buying decision can be one you can be pleased with for many years.

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