Buying a Puppy? Advice and Recommendations when looking for a puppy.
Buying A Puppy?

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The purchase of a wonderful little puppy can be a fantastic experience. A dog can be your closest friend, a real pal. But, an unscrupulous breeder, looking to take advantage of you, can turn your niavete it into a disaster.

If the loss of a few hundred dollars on a bad purchase was the end of the story, it wouldn't be all that bad. But, it's just never that simple; it's often a HUGE tragedy. An unhealthy, poorly bred puppy can cause you great heartache, and cost you BIG dollars in vet bills.

Imagine bringing home the cute, cuddly little puppy. Everyone is thrilled; you become so attached. The puppy grows into an unhealthy dog. Your vet offers you the option of hundreds of dollars of surgery and meds or the option to put your little buddy to sleep and start the process over. This decision gets much more difficult when your family is in the waiting room crying their eyes out waiting for your decision. This happens MUCH more often than you might imagine.

You need to know the PUPPY MILL WARNING SIGNS to look for when you are buying a puppy. You need to know the QUESTIONS TO ASK A BREEDER to in order to expose the unscrupulous breeder. Please keep reading to see these warning signs and prepare yourself for buying a puppy. I also include some PUPPY BUYING RECOMMENDATIONS.

An unscrupulous breeder will cost you much more money and heartache than the few hundred dollars he scams from you. He doesn't care how much heartache he costs you and your family. He just wants your money! And good luck getting any refund when disaster strikes!

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You need to know the signs. I've been in the dog breeding business for 20 years. I have learned some of their tricks the hard way. I have learned from the hundreds of breeders, veterinarians and puppy buyers I have dealt with over the years. I have put this information about the puppy business into this web site. The information here can save you money and heartbreak. Don't face the breeder without arming yourself with this knowledge. He knows what he's doing! Don't be an easy mark for a con-man!

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